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IF You Follow These Guidelines:

We have over 478,000 members on our site who are ONLY looking for casual hookups. You'll search within a few miles of your home, so you'll probably see a profile of someone you know. Could be somebody from work. Could be a barista from your local Starbucks. Might even be you ex. And many members have sexually explicit pictures on their profiles.


  1. If you see someone you know, you DO NOT tell anybody.
    Don't spread gossip. What happens on the site stays on the site.
  2. When you hookup with our members, please practice safe sex—for your safety and theirs.
  3. Respect members' sexual boundaries. Some will try anything. Others may be less adventurous. Our members aren't hookers, so sometimes they say NO. Respect their decision.
  4. We often close registration for men to keep an equal number of male and female members. But TODAY, registration for MEN is OPEN and FREE, so we advise you to register NOW before we close the books again.

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